Dia De Los Muertos mural by Gamma Gallery

Gamma Acosta creates amazing, larger-than-life images of people, fantasies, and tributes to soldiers and musicians, as well as abstract designs. Self-taught, Gamma has been drawing since he was a kid. He was born in Denver, but grew up in Longmont, Colorado. His spray painting of large murals began, when he received permission to paint on the ...

Street art by ROA

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Street art by ROA, world famous Belgian street artist. ROA had been making his mark around the world with his large-scale natural history influenced art pieces. He uses the available space and shape of his walls, and cossets his animals into postures so they fit the walls.ROA extends his creativity to installations and art pieces. He ...

Skull graffiti by Fábio Carneiro

Have a look at this amazing Skull graffiti by Fábio Carneiro in collaboration with Hugo Santos. Realism and made ​​in Portugal colors! Fábio Carneiro is a talented young artist to follow step by step. Fábio Carneiro began to draw at 12 and despite his young age, he has remarkable artistic maturity. This artist shows a great versatility, using ...

Street art by Ludo

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The work of Paris based Ludo, often called Nature’s Revenge, connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe. It speaks about what surrounds us, what affects us and tries to highlight some kind of humility.Drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations, Ludo’s new order of hybrid organisms is both elegant and fierce. ...

Skull by Part2ism

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Skull by Part2ism in the One Foot in the Grove exhibition of street art by 'Mutate Britain' under the Westway flyover, London. Part2ism is a British graffiti pioneer and music producer who practices the concept ‘Part2ism’ which he realized and continues to develop. His work concentrates on disposable graffiti interventions constructed from discarded pieces of cardboard ...

Brooklyn street art Mike Giant

Mick Giant is a tattoo artist and graffiti legend. He’s recently been focusing more on graffiti and illustration works. His body is a work of art of itself. Mostly covered in colored ink (other than his black and white sleeves), the tattooist updates his collection routinely with works by the likes of Greg Rojas and Chris Conn. 

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