Skull graffiti by Fábio Carneiro

Have a look at this amazing Skull graffiti by Fábio Carneiro in collaboration with Hugo Santos. Realism and made ​​in Portugal colors! Fábio Carneiro is a talented young artist to follow step by step. Fábio Carneiro began to draw at 12 and despite his young age, he has remarkable artistic maturity. This artist shows a great versatility, using equally spraypaint, pencils or brushes on walls, canvas, or paper. He’s a isolated painter, and is not part of any crew. He paints his humans or animals portraits by himself. Whatever combination he uses, accuracy and realism is there. Adept of figurative characters, those he draws are both striking of realism and yet surreal because of the color settings he uses. He also works on bodywork, sneakers or any kind of custom.


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Skull graffiti by Fábio Carneiro 1

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