Cool Ways to Decorate your Room With Skulls

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Many people prefer their homes to be decorated with vibrant colors and clean lines. On the other hand, there are people with more peculiar tastes.  One of the things some people like to decorate their homes with is skulls. There is a deep connection these people have with skulls and would like to decorate their homes ...

A Trip to the Museum: Skull Motifs in Fine Art

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Halloween will soon be upon us, which means people are starting to break out the decorations: scarecrows, hay bales, and skulls. But did you know skulls also serve as a motif in fine art? In fact, artistic renderings of skulls span centuries and carry behind them a variety of meanings and expressions. For some, skulls tell the ...

Life-size Skull Candles (2020 update)

These Life-size Skull Candles would make a chilling addition to your room, or a brilliant gift for Halloween. They are cast from a real skull, as the wax burns and thins, the eyes will begin to glow. Absolutely must have! You can buy these Life-size Skull Candles on (2020 update: unfortunately these candles are SOLD OUT)

Skull embroidery on toilet paper

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Los Angeles based sculptor and painter, Andrea Guzzetta has created a series of skull embroidery on toilet paper to express her quarantine feels. Can't complain "I'm safe at home, not working right now. It's hard to feel like I have any right to complain or be anxious in comparison to people working in hospitals ...

Chalkboard skull (2019 update)

Need to write a quick message and know people will see it? Meet the chalkboard skull from iamhome, a collaborative effort run by Sarah and Joseph Belknap in Cicero, Illinois. Their mission is to produce quality handmade products with a strong design influence and an emphasis on color. Their chalkboard skulls are made one at a time ...

Skull Art by Andrey Popov

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Andrey Popov is a tattoo artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, specializing in black and white realistic tattoos but I want to share some of his artworks here. The amount of detail and artistic skill that he put into each piece is extraordinary. Be sure to visit Andrey's Instargam or Facebook for more photos and ...

Skull Cakes from Choccywoccydoodah (2019 update)

We just love these amazing skull cakes from Choccywoccydoodah, Britain's most fabulous chocolate and cake shop in Brighton. They specialize in chocolate one-off sculptured fantasies, birthday cakes (using only the finest Belgian chocolate and ingredients), chocolate gifts, cakes with a choice of flavors decorated in chocolate, slabs of chocolate and really really naughty stuff. They also ...

Doyenne Discordia

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Doyenne Discordia is bringing you maritime glamour and unique accessories with the occasional macabre twist. London based costumier inspired by the surreal and the sublime. Every piece is handmade by Felice, the lady behind Doyenne Discordia. She wants to bring you only the finest follies, mermaid crowns, shell bras and accessories with the occasional dark twist. So... ...

Skull artwork by Nigel Evan Dennis

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This amazing skull artwork by Nigel Evan Dennis was created for Pomegranates album "One of Us" available on Afternoon Records. Nigel is a young artist out of Chicago, working under the name “Electric Heat”. He blends fine art with digital innovation. His advertising work has been seen world wide, and features a mix of illustration and photography. Nigel's work ...

Bearded by Vadim Zhulanov

Vadim Zhulanov is a Graphic Designer based in Moscow, Russia. His web portfolio illustrates various techniques of classical art and computer graphics. Art and creativity are the main things in his life. Being engaged in art he has found himself in another reality of magic and colors. Visit Vadim online! Have a look at this cool bearded skull.

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