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Know These 7 Things Before You Get A Tattoo

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If you're considering getting a tattoo, consider many things before deciding. A tattoo is permanent, and the ink will always affect the skin around it. It can also affect how your tattoos heal and whether or not they look good after years of wear. For these reasons and others discussed below, it's essential to do ...

Organizing a Gothic and Skull Themed Party

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Creating a party that is themed can be difficult, especially if you are trying to mix themes. However, with a little bit of planning and preparations, you will find that you can successfully pull off a fantastically frightful gothic and skull party at any time of the year. So, if you are organizing a party ...

5 Tips To Achieve A Full-Skull Look

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Regardless of what type of alternative fashion you're into, there's one thing everyone can agree on, and that's skulls. It looks cool, it's versatile, and it's an easy design to find on the rack. This design can also be incorporated in casual everyday wear or as a costume.  However, it might be a little tricky to ...

Goth Fashion On A Budget: 6 Savvy Tips And Tricks

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Goth is a three-dimensional (fashion, music, and lifestyle) idea that stemmed from the influence of post-punk music of the late 1980s, most notable of which is Siouxsie and the Banshees.  You cannot call yourself goth in one sense only. You have to embrace one or two facets of the Goth idea even to be considered true ...

The best skull apps games that every student loves

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Battles can be called one of the most favorite genres in the world, and the popularity of games on this theme is quite obvious.  They allow us to discover our qualities of character and learn to overcome hardships and win opponents. In order to become a better player, it is necessary not only to learn ...

The Widespread Use of Skulls in Poker Accessories

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Poker accessories can come in many themes, changing from table to table depending on the venue.It’s not surprising there's such variety, considering how simple it is to add custom designs to the many things that are used during a typical poker game. One such theme that you’ll often see is skulls, which can be seen ...

The Top 4 Latest Trends in Tattoo Designs

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Getting a tattoo is a great way to immortalize something you love on your skin. It is a form of self-expression that many people enjoy. Over the years, tattoo trends have changed, and this year there are pretty amazing trends that you should check out if you are considering a new tattoo or if you ...

The Importance of Skulls in Art Around the World

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Wondering if something as weird as skulls hold any importance in the art world or not? Scroll till the end of this article to find out. One of the most important elements of the art world are symbols, here an object, no matter how simple it is represented, can evoke a societal issue, an emotion, or ...

Unhinged by Aaron Lovett

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Unhinged by Aaron Lovett is the book cover for "Nightmares Unhinged"- the 280-page book featuring 20 stories from award winning authors. (Amazon: Nightmares Unhinged: Twenty Tales of Terror) The synopsis for Nightmares Unhinged reads: Nightmares come in many forms. Some rend the veil of sleep with heart-stopping madness. Others defy sanity to leave a helpless corner of your mind twitching ...

Mexican Calaveras by Armida Ortega

Mexican Calaveras by Armida Ortega - the famous Sugar Skulls on quilling to celebrate this beautiful Mexican tradition. Armida's creations will decorate any space at home or office, alsp they make a great gift. Each design is unique, never will be possible to repeat exactly one design. You can choose the color, size and shape. Armida ...

Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

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Halloween is approaching once again, and skull inspiration lurks just around the corner!This year, we definitely have the trend of the decade - the one-piece, friction fitting, and all-over printed Halloween costumes that are both amazingly sexy and perfectly horrific.And - of course - skeleton costumes for women are the icing on the cake! Here ...

Floral Skull Centerpiece by HonestlyYUM

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I absolutely love the idea of turning a plain white skull into a succulent planter. Using a human skull you can make such a wonderfully creepy vessel. Your centerpiece should last at least a week (when watered each day and kept out of direct sunlight!). This Floral Skull Centerpiece is pretty amazing! Using a bit of imagination you can make something unique. ...

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