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The Killer Coffee

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The Killer Coffee blend is just what you need to keep yourself awake! This specialty coffee will surely help you recharge your energy levels. 6 times stronger than normal coffee, without breaking your teeth with bitterness. Crafted by the team of renegade roasters at the boutique Sydney-based roastery, Coffee Galleria. The Killer Coffee Co. blend is set ...

Skull tattoo by Adem Senturk & Geuni King

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Large and full body tattoos are quite popular nowadays.This skull tattoo is outstanding and has turned the human body into living, walking and breathing masterpiece! This unique and fantastic tattoo is a result of two days collaboration between two great tattoo artists: Adem Senturk and Geuni King. Collaboration is a huge trend in the tattoo world ...


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Kratom is often used as a natural pain reliever and is particularly useful during a skull tattoo sessions. It is derived from the Maeng Da Kratom plant, which contains high levels of alkaloids and is therefore effective in relieving pain and elevating the mood. Thai kratom capsules can also be used for work-related purposes as ...


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Using cannabis to help with pain is one of the most popular options for aftercare. It acts as a natural antiseptic and reduces sensitivity to pain. It also heals irritated skin and prevents infection. CBD is also effective at different stages of healing, so it's recommended to use different products at different stages of healing. ...


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Cannabis and skull tattoos have long been stigmatized, but this stereotype has begun to dissolve with time. Both serve a purpose: to express one's personality and taste. And as more people consume marijuana, it is becoming increasingly popular to get a tattoo inspired by weed. In addition, a skull-cannabis tattoo can be a great way ...

Starting a Career as a Tattoo Artist

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The people’s desire to declare to others about their individuality through external attributes is not limited only to the opportunities provided by clothes, shoes, various accessories and other personal items. The history of tattooing has confirmed that people need the opportunity to reveal and demonstrate individual personality traits much deeper than they used to. As in ...

5 Video Games for Goths and Metal Heads

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There is something that video games provide goths and metal heads with that very few other creative or entertainment outlets can. Whether it’s a dark and brooding fantasy role playing game or a fast-paced and graphic RPG shooter, certain video games provide an escapism embedded in a setting and skull-filled aesthetic that allows goths and ...

5 Benefits Of Custom Framing For Skull Art And Decor

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Art and decor can depict the character and personality of the person who purchases them. Something as exotic as decorated skulls and images of them is not something that falls into everyone's taste, but those who prefer this type of art have a unique outlook on life.  One should consider eccentric options when looking at frames ...

Neo-Traditional Style Tattoos: Everything You Need To Know

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Tattoos have long been part of preserving and depicting important symbolism and art around the world. In recent times, they’ve been used for self-expression and creating an identity. Neo-traditional style tattoos in particular have helped usher this into a social norm thanks to its balance of both the old and new while taking cues from ...

How to Sell Skull Products Online

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There is no doubt that skulls have always retained something of a high level of marketability and it is the case that a lot of people like to own them – whether this is in the form of the replica items out there or found on t-shirts and other items of merchandise. Of course, if ...

Using Skulls At Your Wedding: 6 Creative Ways

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When most people think of skulls, they think of death, danger, and the dark side. But what if we told you that skulls can also be used to add a touch of spookiness to your wedding? Believe it or not, skull decor is becoming a popular trend for weddings. If you're looking for a way ...

Essential Equipment Every Tattoo Shop Needs

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A successful tattoo shop needs to have all the necessary items to be professional and attract customers. Although the industry is ever-changing, and the technology is evolving, the primary tools for a tattoo shop stay the same. It’s salient to start with the basic needs and work your way up. Medical Supplies You cannot start tattooing without ...

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