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Things You Can Customize With Skulls

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Skulls usually have a reputation of being an ominous symbol of all that’s evil and sinister. However, you can’t deny that they are uber cool! When you see someone walking down the street rocking a skull-embossed hoodie, you can’t help but nod in respect. If you are looking for ways to incorporate this cool print ...

Purchasing Skull Design Clothes

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In the old days, the skull was considered an icon of ill-omen and was mostly used during Halloween. This belief is not there anymore; the skull has made its way into the fashion industry. Nowadays, skulls are used to decorate all types of skull design clothing, including women's, men's, and children's clothing and trappings in ...

Why Do Students Wear Skull Jewelry and Clothes at College?

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They look bad-ass! That’s the most common assumption that people make when they see a college student wearing skull jewelry and clothes. Frankly, it’s a common reason why students like the skull symbol. But if we scratch the surface, we’ll realize that it’s much more than a bad-ass accessory. There’s a deeper meaning behind the ...

A Trip to the Museum: Skull Motifs in Fine Art

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Halloween will soon be upon us, which means people are starting to break out the decorations: scarecrows, hay bales, and skulls. But did you know skulls also serve as a motif in fine art? In fact, artistic renderings of skulls span centuries and carry behind them a variety of meanings and expressions. For some, skulls tell the ...

Halloween Books for Kids

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Halloween will definitely look different this fall, due to COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions. Trick-or-treating might not even happen and there won't be many Halloween parties to prepare for due to social distancing restrictions, but you can entertain your kids by reading some spooky Halloween books. There are so many of them available for children ...

How to Properly Put a Skull Decal on Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Whenever cruise motorcycle riders pass by, people start imagining how their journeys have been. The decals that ornate their bikes or helmets add to their imagination. Wherein, the design of their cruiser motorcycle reflects the rider. Their motorcycle gears like the helmet, jacket, gloves, and others also represent them. Therefore, when they ornate their bike ...

What To Get Your Boo For His Birthday

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Birthdays are like Christmas: an exciting opportunity to celebrate someone near and dear, and to give them something special. With the onset of the internet, the choice has become vast. With the advancement in technology, new products are being released daily. Having said that, it’s hard to know what to give a person who has ...

Skull tattoo by Adem Senturk & Geuni King

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Large and full body tattoos are quite popular nowadays.This skull tattoo is outstanding and has turned the human body into living, walking and breathing masterpiece! This unique and fantastic tattoo is a result of two days collaboration between two great tattoo artists: Adem Senturk and Geuni King. Collaboration is a huge trend in the tattoo world ...

Skull Cufflinks from Jose Roberto

One of the most popular ways to display your love for skulls is by wearing skull-themed jewelry. Add a distinguished flourish to your wrist with these amazing skull cufflinks from Jose Roberto. Jose makes unique cufflinks designed for the sophisticated using cutting-edge 3D printing. Each pair reflects your personal style and is designed with skill in ...

Life-size Skull Candles (2020 update)

These Life-size Skull Candles would make a chilling addition to your room, or a brilliant gift for Halloween. They are cast from a real skull, as the wax burns and thins, the eyes will begin to glow. Absolutely must have! You can buy these Life-size Skull Candles on (2020 update: unfortunately these candles are SOLD OUT)

Skull embroidery on toilet paper

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Los Angeles based sculptor and painter, Andrea Guzzetta has created a series of skull embroidery on toilet paper to express her quarantine feels. Can't complain "I'm safe at home, not working right now. It's hard to feel like I have any right to complain or be anxious in comparison to people working in hospitals ...

Native American Skull Ring (2020 update)

I love this super cool and eye catching Native American Skull Ring by Clashd! It is made out of 14k gold, has a very lavish and detailed pattern with shiny finish. The absolute eye catcher and statement ring. The ring is solid and can not be bent easily! Gold filled jewelry by Clashd consists of several mechanically bonded ...

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