Bearded by Vadim Zhulanov

Vadim Zhulanov is a Graphic Designer based in Moscow, Russia. His web portfolio illustrates various techniques of classical art and computer graphics. Art and creativity are the main things in his life. Being engaged in art he has found himself in another reality of magic and colors. Visit Vadim online! Have a look at this cool bearded skull.

Decorus Macabre

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Decorus Macabre - a cabinet of curiosities selling oddities and macabre goodies, specializing in human and animal bone articulations and taxidermy. Mattaeus Ball and Starla Dupres are the creatives behind Decorus Macabre, they design and create original and spellbinding pieces, captivating and provoking art. They bring new life to old, transforming ex-medical human bones into ...

Skull Illustrations by Joan Alturo

Have a look at these amazing Skull Illustrations by Joan Alturo aka Bec Negre from Barcelona, Spain. Joan is one of our fans and from now on we are also his fans. He is a freelance illustrator and tattooer. His artwork is usually related to skateboarding, the underground fanzines and punk, crust, metal and trash metal music. Joan's work is varied. Follow him ...

Metal Skull Door Knobs

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Check out these awesome Metal Skull Door Knobs! Faucetto's mission is to combine quality materials, edgy design, and social awareness into cool faucets and hardware.  Their first series called Skull Von Bronze is USA made for Faucetto by Rocky Mountain Hardware, one of the finest and greenest bronze fabricators in the world. Skull Von Bronze door hardware ...

Chocolate Skulls by Sweet Sage

Canadian Sweet Sage offers delicious and unique chocolates which are completely custom and made to order. They can do most themes for any event, popular characters for children's birthday parties, elegant weddings, anniversaries - whatever your occasions are. Their chocolates can be individually wrapped with a personalized tag for your guests to take with them or left ...

Life Size Bronze Skeletons by Björn Sjöling

Dorset based artist-engineer couple Amanda and Björn Sjöling produce some of the finest bronze work in production today. They are partners both in art and in life. Their life size bronze skeleton sculptures capture heartfelt emotions with direct simplicity. Individually crafted bone by bone, Sjöling bronzes are modern day masterpieces allowing you to discover the hidden beauty ...

Amazing Skull Drawings by Venla Hannola

Venla Hannola is a young talented artist from Finland. Her Instagram gallery is filled with many beautiful and amazing drawings, including a rich variety of work in color as well as black and white. Venla specializes in different types of drawing techniques and illustration. Her artworks are very precise and detailed. Go check out her work today and get inspired! Instagram: vvvenla_art

Thanatos by Munehiro Nakashiba

Thanatos by Munehiro Nakashiba, a video about the melting skull for an Accessories brand "GRYPHON & Gravi". Munehiro Nakashiba is a young talented Videographer from Japan. Be sure to visit him online: Take a minute and enjoy this lovely video of an un-melting skull. Thanatos from Munehiro Nakashiba on Vimeo. Client: GRYPHON & Gravi ( Music, Filmed, Edited, Directed & Written: ...

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