Human Skull Fireplace Logs

If you’ve already started planning for Halloween, these fireproof human skulls are perfect! 
Formation Creations
 has made a collection of creepy human skull logs designed to be used in your gas fireplace or fire pit that are sure to frighten family members and friends. This fire pit kit is not for the faint of heart. The shape of the human skull allows for incredible shadow and light play as the flames dance across the fire pit. It is visually stunning and incomparable to anything else in the market. It is available for any size of fire pit. The skulls are steel reinforced and made using lava granules and heat resistant ceramic, so the heat will not damage them.


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Human Skull Fireplace Logs Human Skull Fireplace Logs Human Skull Fireplace Logs


A flaming pile of skulls is the perfect backyard accessory. The black, white, brown, and grey skulls are available to purchase from Amazon: Myard Fireproof Human Fire Pit Skull Gas Log for NG, LP Wood Fireplace, Firepit, Campfire, Halloween Decor, Barbecue

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Skulls addicts only!