Doyenne Discordia

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Doyenne Discordia is bringing you maritime glamour and unique accessories with the occasional macabre twist. London based costumier inspired by the surreal and the sublime.


Interested in Gothic home decor? Check our unique hand crafted products


Every piece is handmade by Felice, the lady behind Doyenne Discordia. She wants to bring you only the finest follies, mermaid crowns, shell bras and accessories with the occasional dark twist.

So… Take a deep breath, delve into your very own nautical adventure, unleash your inner siren, and with our show-stopping pieces, you’re guaranteed to lure any unsuspecting sailor into their untimely death…

Be sure to visit Doyenne Discordia online if you are looking for very specific and unique crowns or shell bras!
Etsy: DoyenneDiscordia
Facebook: Doyennediscordia
Instagram: Discordiadesigns

Doyenne Discordia Doyenne Discordia set Doyenne Discordia

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I also make Gothic and Skull home accessories. Would you like to see them?

Skulls addicts only!