Dia De Los Muertos mural by Gamma Gallery

Gamma Acosta creates amazing, larger-than-life images of people, fantasies, and tributes to soldiers and musicians, as well as abstract designs. Self-taught, Gamma has been drawing since he was a kid. He was born in Denver, but grew up in Longmont, Colorado. His spray painting of large murals began, when he received permission to paint on the side of a long building that his family owned. Gamma also does family and memorial portraits in oil and acrylic on canvas and illustrations for tattoo designs.


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This incredible Dia De Los Muertos mural by Gamma Gallery was painted in November 2014 – 3704 Downing St. Denver, CO.

“What better way to honor and greet our loved ones/souls who are returning, than with the true face we all share. Dead or alive. Those monarchs, tho, the way you put this together, is…amazing. The monarchs migrate to Mexico annually at this time of year. The tradition says that these are the departed loved ones souls in the form of a butterfly. Life. Transformation.” – Xencs L. Wing, model for Dia De Los Muertos mural.

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Dia De Los Muertos mural by Gamma Gallery 1 Dia De Los Muertos mural by Gamma Gallery

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