X-Ray Deck of Cards (2021 update)

Ever wished you can somehow figure out what your opponents had up their sleeves? These cards may be the closest you can get to seeing past right through them…down to their teeth and brains! Unique deck of cards that will surely provide transparency at your next poker night!


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Try and see through your opponent’s mind with these cool X-Ray Deck of Cards!

X-Ray Cards

Each of its 54 inclusions have slightly varying skull images on each side, with the backs printed in black and the fronts blue. Face cards also have special colored highlights on their eyes, teeth, or brain. They don’t glow in the dark or have sound effects, but they would be way better if they did! The plastic X-ray cards maintain the weight and feel of standard playing cards.

2021 UPDATE: I wanted to get another set as a gift for my sister but it looks like these cards are sold out. I couldn’t find them online.

x-ray deck of cards

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