Giant Skull Armchair

Created by French designer Gregory Besson, this giant Skull Armchair is built from reinforced fiberglass and rounded out with a plush and high quality leather seat. The back of the chair reveals the front face of the skull whereas the rear part makes way for a comfy armchair.

Since my childhood, I always wanted to share my world, show what I think, what I want, what I do and what I am. At 19 I successfully passed a graphic degree, I quickly made design and creating my priority.

Today at age 32 I’m not only a designer, I feel like a craftsman, an artist who does not need anyone to design and create projects. All my products are 100% made by me in my own workshop in Paris. Gregory explains

Visit Gregory online for more unique creations and design ideas:
Instagram: gregorybessonparis

Giant Skull Armchair (2) Skull Armchair Designed by Gregory Besson Skull Armchair Designed by Gregory Besson (2)

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