Skull Watercolor Illustrations by Odji

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Today we would like to show you some skull watercolor illustrations by Odji from Bordeaux, France. She is one of our fans and from now on we are also her fans. Odji is a young very talented artist specializing in different types of drawing techniques and illustration. She’s been drawing way back since she was a child. Her passion for art carried over to a desire to learn the craft of tattooing. Odji wants to became a tattoo artist and she has learned how to tattoo from different artists and continues to learn all the time. She is extremely dedicated to her art and to constantly improving upon her skills.


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She likes watercolor art and she is good at it. Her illustrations are very precise and detailed. We just love her style and we wish her success in her artistic career!

There is more to discover, Odji’s work is very varied. You can follow her on Facebook. Her portfolio is worth checking out! Just browse through her gallery and see that we are right! 

Skull Watercolor Illustrations by Odji (2) Skull Watercolor Illustration Skull Watercolor Illustration (2) Skull Watercolor Illustrations by Odji


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