“Please Forget Me” by Mr Clement

Have a look at these amazing sculptures “Please Forget Me” by Mr Clement. Their heads are removable to show their skull underneath.


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Mr Clement is an extremely shy artist from Hong Kong and usually prefers to remain anonymous. Her inspirations come from manga, porn, classical music and popular culture. She’s exploring a new and more accessible platform by mixing fine art with popular sub-culture to present her artwork. Simplicity and fun are essential elements of her creative works.

In her works, there are many characters, and they are in the form of cartoons, comics and figures; and through them, Mr Clement tries to look for her childhood memories. These characters are either things she wanted to have as a child but didn’t have, or things she used to have as a child but not anymore now.

Be sure to visit Mr Clement online to see more of her amazing art. Mr Clement Please Forget Me by Mr Clement (2)Mr Clement (2)

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