Pizza Skull by Jon Burgerman

Pizza Skull is a series of skulls with a pizza slice lodged within them. This is an ink and marker pen on watercolor paper done by Jon Burgerman, a UK artist living in NYC. He is well-known for his doodle art, paintings and performances. Jon travels around the world with his sketchbook and pens, drawing on everything he can find.


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Jon Burgerman (2)

Jon has collaborated with well-known brands like Nike, Sony, Puma, Pepsi, Levi’s, and MTV. He exhibits his work in museums and galleries all over the world (he has permanent collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Science Museum in London).

Take a look at Jon’s Facebook page for more pictures. His work speaks for itself. You can also read an interview with this great artist here:

Jon Burgerman (3) Jon Burgerman (5) Jon Burgerman Pizza Skull by Jon Burgerman (2) Pizza Skull by Jon BurgermanJon Burgerman (4)

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