Skull Flowers by Mondo Curio

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Mondo Curio is the universe of Artist and Designer Paul Cook – The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes. Have a look at his amazing Skull Flowers.


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Skull Flowers by Mondo Curio (2)

Paul Cook is a self-taught photographer, whose career as a multidisciplinary artist spans music, illustration, and commercial design. Cook began to focus on fine art photography four years ago. Since then he has licensed his photographic work for use in film, fashion and interior design. Cook takes photographs and then manipulates them to challenge our perceptions of what is original, investigating balance and equilibrium as a holistic aesthetic. Be sure to visit his website where you will find a variety of images, from animals and trees to bones and architecture. His experiments with mirror imaging using photomontage are quite remarkable.

Skull Flowers by Mondo Curio Mondo Curio (2)Mondo Curio (3)Mondo Curio

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