Skeleton Cutlery

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Artist André Lassen designed a set of sinister Skeleton Cutlery that Raven Armoury is selling in stainless steel or bronze. Great for your evil overlord dinner parties! One set consists of a knife, fork and spoon. You’re not really Goth until you carve up your bloody steak with this skeleton set by Andre Lassen. Absolutely perfect for anyone into the macabre side of life and death. Pricey. £1500 for the set!

Be sure to view site here: André Lassen

Skeleton Cutlery

André Lassen is a Dutch sculptor. His subject matter, although echoing the traditions of the Victorian Gothic revival period, is fresh and compelling and is not for one moment to be regarded as merely nostalgic pastiche, any more than the last period was simply a secondhand look at its Medieval origins. André Lassen’s work is definitive and stands on its own merits, full of grace, surprising femininity and wit. His bronze and silver works never fail to astonish and delight.

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