Sasha Berry Skull Scarf

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Today I want to show you a beautiful Sasha Berry Skull Scarf. The brand offers a wide range of original scarves. It’s contemporary art inspired prints made a big impression on me. I have featured some skull scarves by Sasha Berry before and here I am again because I am the happy owner of this amazing Skulls and Snakes scarf. The photo shoot took place in London and the photographer was Sylvia Helliwell. Sylvia is a professional photographer based in London specializing in modern portraiture and lifestyle photography.


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Sasha Berry Scarf (2)

Add a little edge and rock vibe to your outfit with a skull scarf and wear it year around for an edgy look. Pair the skull scarf with a leather jacket or something feminine like a dress for a style mix. Like any other scarf, you can rock this scarf however you want. Alexander McQueen, one of the most brilliant designers of our time, popularized the skull scarf and made it such a covetable item among celebrities and fashionistas. If you don’t have a skull scarf in your closet yet, feel free to grab this piece from Sasha Berry.

Sasha Berry Skull Scarf

Sasha Berry is a French scarves brand created by Angelina Ober. She decided to showcase her brand to artists and gave them a chance to bring life into materials of scarves. Angelina only choose to work with talented artists whose worldview is so unique and avantgarde that it brings her scarves to life. Sasha Berry offers everyone to wear an artwork everyday. Her scarves are manufactured and printed in India.

You will find more skull designs on Sasha Berry website: and Facebook: Sasha-Berry-Accessoires

Sasha Berry Scarf

Skulls can mean different things to different people. The first meaning that comes to mind is death and mortality, but has changed with modern times as in clothing most skulls are designed for fashion rather than the historical symbolism. The skull is a bold statement in the fashion world that spread in various styles, ranging from punk, rock, until a cute girly style.

Sasha Berry

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