Floral Skull Centerpiece by HonestlyYUM

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I absolutely love the idea of turning a plain white skull into a succulent planter. Using a human skull you can make such a wonderfully creepy vessel. Your centerpiece should last at least a week (when watered each day and kept out of direct sunlight!). This Floral Skull Centerpiece is pretty amazing! Using a bit of imagination you can make something unique. There are many color options with different arrangements!


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You’ll need:

– a life size mode skull with removable calvarium
(Amazon: Life Size Model Human Skull)
– a wet floral foam block (Amazon: Wet Foam Blocks)
– pruning shears (Amazon: Softouch Pruning Snip)
– a knife
– a large Ziploc bag
– a variety of fresh flowers (large and small blooms, twigs, an assortment of full leaf, slender and floppy greenery)

You can make yourself one to decorate your house. Read this article if you want to know how to make it: DIY Floral Skull Centerpiece

Floral Skull Centerpiece Floral Skull Centerpiece 1

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