Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

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Halloween is approaching once again, and skull inspiration lurks just around the corner!
This year, we definitely have the trend of the decade – the one-piece, friction fitting, and all-over printed Halloween costumes that are both amazingly sexy and perfectly horrific.
And – of course – skeleton costumes for women are the icing on the cake! Here are some of our favorites so far:


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Crystal Skeleton Costume
This one is lucid, elegant, and supremely glistering with wickedness. Of course, it has a classic white skeleton on a black backdrop, but the finish is indeed a plot twist.
Radiating galaxies, floating nebulae, and a heart of gold. All set with a high mock neck and a full-cover design with elastic yet solid printed fabric. Add the crazy hair and the savage makeup – then you have one of the most angelic Halloween horrors we’ve ever seen.

Gold Skeleton Costume
Here, we have the good old skeleton, the good old combination of black and gold… And a brand new rave vibe appended to these all-time favorites.
Because the skeleton is 3D, the zipper on the back is hidden, and the final outcome doesn’t even look like a second skin. Instead, it looks like a portative x-ray that shows your screaking bones live in action!

Mechanical Skeleton Costume
With a sprinkle of sci-fi and a pinch of futurism, the mechanical skeleton is nothing but marvelous in its pattern of raven black and multiple shades of grey.
It is a badass collaboration between worlds – cosplay and Halloween, steam and cyber punk, brutishness and noble domination. All you need to do is fix how you see it and then wear it your way!

X-Ray Skeleton Costume
We are now moving a step away from traditional horror by supplementing the vision of the flowering life to it. In the X-ray skeleton costume, the decay of the bones strikes back with translucent butterflies, blooming wildflowers, leaves, and roses.
They all look serene, aerial, and otherworldly. In raven black and x-ray ink blue, it’s an ensemble of perfect Halloween brilliance.

Pink Zombie Costume
Zombies of all worlds, are you ready to show us the skull peeking under the decaying flesh? In this costume, a lot of spookiness hides beneath the surface.
Designed in electric pink and printed in amazing detail, it’s a zombie tribute with particular attention to the core – the utterly bare ribcage and spine. Could it even get any better?

Green Skeleton Costume
Finally, we have another UV-sensitive skeleton print – this time green, again on a dark background. The Green Skeleton Costume is body sculpting, non-see-through, and fantastically exuberant.
It only needs a pair of motor boots, a long black wig, and a proper lipstick shade to make you the undead Halloween night queen!

Already Inspired?
Is there a better time to be skull-inspired than Halloween 2021? Hell, no!
So, pick up your skeleton costume, show off your accessory skills, and go send massive shivers down their spines!

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