Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug

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Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug is designed to remind you to be aggressive during public presentations, but we like it because that skull looks awesome as it slowly emerges into view from the coffee! Fill this mug with coffee or tea, and see how long it takes for your guest’s eyes to pop out of his head.

Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug

Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug. Dedicated to Will, who is celebrating his Mod-iversary as a Floor Control Process Lead in our Pittsburgh fulfillment center, this ceramic stunner evokes his entrepreneurial spirit with a sleek, glazed exterior in briefcase-black. This mug stirs up a smile with one of Will’s favorite sketching subjects and style trends – a skeleton’s cranium, which is buried beneath the surface of your coffee or tea. Captivate your audience in cool Will-inspired style by punctuating your speech with sips from this microwave- and dishwasher-safe design!

Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug 1

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