Skulls Wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki

Visitors will do a double take in your home with this Skulls wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki for Graham & Brown.

Today wallpapers are becoming fashion statements for the interiors. The smelly paints are no longer an option for decorative walls. Designers are coming up with bold colors and patterns. Wallpapers have become a platform for innovation that makes them so different-from the textured to the light emitting wallpaper. Skull wallpaper is a creative and interesting way to add an edge to bedroom or living room walls. There are many options to use this design for a room. This skull wallpaper is the ideal choice for a featured wall (a single wall being the focal point of the room). It is freaky and stylish. Striking skull wallpaper is the perfect choice for those with a taste for the macabre and for those who enjoy a rock and roll or Gothic flavor. Available here: Graham & Brown

Skulls Wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki 1

Born in Poland, but raised in England, Barbara Hulanicki began her career in Fashion in the early 1960’s working as a freelance fashion illustrator. Now she has partnered with Graham and Brown to create a wallpaper line like no other.

Skulls Wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki

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