Why Do Students Wear Skull Jewelry and Clothes at College?

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They look bad-ass! That’s the most common assumption that people make when they see a college student wearing skull jewelry and clothes. Frankly, it’s a common reason why students like the skull symbol. But if we scratch the surface, we’ll realize that it’s much more than a bad-ass accessory. There’s a deeper meaning behind the skull, and many students understand it.
The good news is that if you want to wear skull jewelry, it will be easy for you to make a pick. There are plenty of options, and you can experiment with different styles and materials. We can say the same thing about clothes.
Let’s see: why do students wear skull jewelry in the first place? When we understand the culture around this symbol, its popularity becomes clear.


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Why Do Students Like Skull Clothes and Jewelry?

  1. The Skull Symbolizes Luck and Fortune
    Most people see the skull as a warning. But in ancient cultures, it was seen as a symbol of luck. People used it to ward off illness and evil. The Celts used the skull for such protection. The symbol is also associated with strength, since bones are the part of a body that’s most resistant to decay.
    Some students believe that wearing skulls would promote wellbeing and protection. It may be nothing more than superstition, but they make them feel more secure and self-confident. Some people pray, and others have a good luck charm.
    College students go through a lot. They attend too many classes and write too much homework. They often end up hiring writers from EduBirdie, since they can’t meet all expectations. When you struggle with time, deadlines, money, friendships, and every other aspect of life, a symbol of luck can give you the spark of hope that you need.
  1. Individuality, Freedom, and Rebellion
    If you look around the campus, you would identify most students as conformists. They stick to commonly accepted style and behavior. That’s not a bad thing. However, many students don’t want to fit in that pattern. They don’t feel like they belong there. That’s okay, too. The style serves to express our character.
    The skull as an accessory enables a student to express the fact that they don’t plan to fit in. They don’t like the rules and standards set by the society, and they rebel against them. This is their way to express their individuality and freedom. It’s the same reason why the cranium is an essential part of motorcycle culture.
  2. It Looks Good on Males
    Jewelry and clothes prints are great details to include in our wardrobe. Women are lucky in that aspect. They can express themselves through different styles and forms. It’s a bit more difficult for men, which is why they limit themselves to a watch as a personal statement.
    But some men don’t want to limit themselves to a watch. They like jewelry and prints on clothes, so the skull is a great symbol that expresses their masculinity. It gives them a powerful appeal, and it doesn’t look pretentious like the jewelry for men by Tiffany and other premium brands.
  3. The Skull Is a Fashion Trend
    The cranium is a smart purchase, since it never goes out of fashion. It’s a consistent trend, which many designers like to include in their lines. Alexander McQueen was the one who made it popular. This British fashion designer was the epitome of rebellion and free spirit. The skull-print scarf became his trademark, and the trend took off
    from there.
    Today, we can see the skull on runways all the time. From a spice to a classic outfit to an entirely Gothic look, it’s a versatile symbol that designers and mainstream brands embrace.
  4. Memento Mori Symbolism
    Never forget that you must die. That’s the meaning of the Latin saying Memento Mori. When used as an accessory, the cranium can represent that concept. It reminds the wearer of the circle of life and inevitability of death. It shows the human body as a compounded thing, so it serves as a reminder of more important values in life.
    A student who respects this concept prepares their mind that the end of life is uncertain, so they mustn’t postpone anything. Each day is an opportunity to do something that matters.

If you like the skull symbol, wear it. It can mean a variety of things, and you’ll stick to the one that’s closest to your personality. One thing is certain: it’s a cool fashion statement that makes you look mysterious.

BIO: Robert Everett loves writing about accessories, fashion, and writing. He maintains a blog for writers, and a few fashion-related online projects. His goal in life is to become a better person with each passing day.

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