What To Get Your Boo For His Birthday

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Birthdays are like Christmas: an exciting opportunity to celebrate someone near and dear, and to give them something special. With the onset of the internet, the choice has become vast. With the advancement in technology, new products are being released daily. Having said that, it’s hard to know what to give a person who has ‘everything’. It’s also a challenge if your budget is limited. 


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The answer may lie in the area of personalized gifts. They are a great way of celebrating someone’s uniqueness. Why not give him something with a special photo? It may be of a loved one or something that will make him laugh. It could be an ‘in-joke’ that will be a great icebreaker when seen by others. The design/s selected could be anything, but for this article, we will assume the person loves skull designs. He may even have drawn one himself that could be incorporated into the gift/s. Let’s take a look at what you can get your boo for his birthday. 

Clothes, mugs, posters, customised cards, home items, technology and photo books, diaries, calendars and more!

T-shirts are great for casual wear and are often the shirt of choice among many people during leisure time. It was interesting to see these tight neck t-shirts from Jasper Holland as the manufacturers say not all t-shirts stretch after a few washes. It’s important to choose a shirt that won’t ride up someone’s back if they are tall, so they say it’s wise to select one long enough to accommodate most peoples’ body lengths. The shirts can also be slim-fitting to hug peoples’ arms and bodies. 

It’s additionally possible to upload digital designs and have them printed on t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings, and jackets. 

Some companies allow digital photos to be uploaded and used on mugs. Modern technology has ensured that the pictures won’t quickly fade. The mugs are often dishwasher or microwave safe and can be porcelain, ceramic or enamel coated. People can choose just one photo or several, and they can be of high quality. Even insulated tumblers can be considered for an individualised gift. 

For any boyfriend who loves posters, a customized one will go down a storm. It could have an uncoated matte finish, or be laminated or capsulated for protection. They don’t even have to be restricted to indoor use, as some are designed to be displayed outside. 

Even the birthday card can have a skull on it. Many companies sell them with these designs already, but there are also sites like Zazzle or Etsy where pictures can be uploaded and the products produced on demand.

One wouldn’t always think of giving a pack of cards to a boyfriend on his birthday. Having said that, if a special photo or set of photos are featured on them, he may be delighted to use them for future birthdays. A card that is customized will convey the fact that there has been some thought put into it – and as they say, it’s the thought that counts. 

If you look at some of the sites that print uploaded designs, you’ll learn that many household items can be individualised, such as tea towels and candles, pillowcases and cushions, throws and blankets. The cushions could have a picture on just one side or both and could be suede-like or canvas in appearance. 

It’s possible to buy fleece blankets that include personal designs. They are often machine washable at 30 degrees, to preserve the photos. Some companies boast they use eco-friendly printing. Others promote the fact that they are suitable for people who have allergies. 

Another idea would be a customized mat, either for the outside of the front door or just inside. 

Millions of people put magnets on their fridges containing memorable or funny items. There’s definitely space for a cheap fun present here. 

The boyfriend could do the cooking with a machine-washable skull apron that also includes a funny caption. Next, he could serve drinks that will be placed on skull coasters. Even the plates could be adapted, along with the napkins. Photo-coasters are often high gloss and wipeable. If several matching ones are bought, they may even come in a gift box. That’ll be great for the initial gift experience, and also for future storage purposes. 

The boyfriend may also be delighted to have his own set of skull bath mats and towels. 

Most people have mobile phones today, and yes: phone cases can be personalised, alongside AirPod cases. IPad covers make a great gift too. There may be the option to write a caption as well as upload a photo or two. The actual products can be classy as well as gimmicky, sporting the latest in magnetic hinges or soft-touch covers. 

It can be very tempting for people to store their photos on their phones, the cloud, or their computers. The trouble is, there’s nothing physical to touch or own, and data can be lost. Printing of pictures from phones or Facebook can be a fun experience, and it’s even more so if they are stored in a photobook and given as a present. The boyfriend will feel special if his skull theme is honored.  

With our modern busy schedules, we often need these in addition to our mobile phones. Putting a personalized calendar on the wall or taking a diary to work can be a fun, lasting experience. Imagine the joy or surprise on his face every time a page is turned. Calendars often come gift-wrapped, and diaries can have covers ranging from basic to luxury leather.  

Also up for consideration are gifts like jigsaw puzzles, play cards, watches, face masks, plastic bottles and business cards, and notepads. Plus, there are things like bumper stickers or air fresheners for the car. 

As we have seen, there’s a huge variety of items that can be as cheap as they are original. The birthday card could feature your boyfriend’s own skull drawing, and every gift could be wrapped in paper featuring his designs. It’s worth scouring the internet for these goodies and more. The look of delight on his face will make the purchases worth every penny. He will give his presents pride of place, and delight to show them to everyone. 

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