Top 4 Tips for the Spookiest Family of Skeletons Fancy Dress

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When it comes to dressing up as a skeleton for a themed costume party, your options are endless. However, when it comes to dressing up the entire family you might need a bit more patience and creativity. From choosing or making the right outfit that suits every member of the family to getting the accessories and makeup right, there are plenty of things to consider. Here are a few top tips to help you transform your household into the spookiest family of skeletons at your upcoming event.


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  1. Go All Out With the Skull

It doesn’t matter what costume you decide to dress up in, perfecting your skull makeup is key. First, choose the type of skull makeup you want. From generic sunken skulls to dramatic sugar skulls, there are many different designs to choose from. Even the most basic skulls require a level of expertise. For an effective look, you need to blend in the darkened eye sockets and the sunken nose, plus the row of protruding teeth might take some time too. Not to mention, if your family includes very young children who have not had any makeup on their face before, make sure you choose high quality makeup that is good for sensitive skin. In addition, perform a patch test on all members of the family before going all out on your design. There are plenty of theatrical makeup supplies on the market that will help you contour and create the skeleton look you desire.

  1. Matching Shop-Bought Outfit for the Time-Conscious

Families that are too busy to create their own outfit, or simply lack the drive or creativity to do so, can simply purchase a costume off the rack. Walk into any costume store and you will find a generic skeleton costume in all sizes. If they don’t have the size you want, they can probably order it for you if you have enough time to wait before your event. Alternatively, those who shop online will find a plethora of skeleton costumes via online costume shops and other online retailers such as Amazon.

  1. DIY Costume

DIY-ers who don’t want to risk matching outfits with another family can try their hand at making their own costumes. A skeleton costume can be as humble or as elaborate as you like. For instance, layering up a black outfit on top of a white outfit, then using a pair of scissors and adding rib shapes on the top half and leg bone shapes on the bottom half can be super effective. Alternatively, with white acrylic paint, some glow in the dark paint and either a black jumpsuit or a black long-sleeved top and a black pair of leggings, you can paint on your ribs and bones.

  1. It’s all in the Details

No matter which idea you go for, the small details can help your outfit go one step further. For instance, a pair of black gloves with creepy bone hands can complete your look.

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