Organizing a Gothic and Skull Themed Party

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Creating a party that is themed can be difficult, especially if you are trying to mix themes. However, with a little bit of planning and preparations, you will find that you can successfully pull off a fantastically frightful gothic and skull party at any time of the year. So, if you are organizing a party for yourself, or perhaps for your loved ones, what should you be thinking about?


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Choosing a Location

The location of a party is important, and often it is more important than you think. If you do not think about the pros and cons of a location – and perhaps simply choose one on a whim, you may well later regret it. For example, you could find that you end up with fewer guests attending if you choose a location that is in the middle of nowhere. When you are scouring the market for the perfect location, you need to think about your guests, their needs, and their requirements. For example, somewhere close to public transport may be essential. When you put your guests at the center of your thinking and planning, you can ensure you create a party that everyone will love and enjoy.

Skull Party Décor

Your party has a theme, and it has a unique style. Incorporating a wide variety of skull décor is essential. You cannot really go overboard with skulls and skull décor, so why not think about having things such as skull table decorations, skull crockery, and cutlery. Use any existing items that you have already to complete the look, like a skull-shaped lampshade or ornaments. 

Gothic Party Décor

To compliment your skull décor, you will also want to look at gothic party décor. For example, going for table decorations that are in black or deep purple is going to work well with a selection of skulls. Gothic party décor has to make no excuses, it can be bold, and it can make a statement. Look at extravagant pieces you can use, such as chair covers or candelabra as centerpieces.

Food and Drink

Once you have got together all of the décor you want to use and feature at your party, it is then time to move on to the all-important food and drink area. When you are putting together a food menu, try and add snack items that cater to as many dietary needs and requirements as possible. You want all of your guests to feel included at your party, and this may mean altering the food you provide. As well as providing food, you will also want to offer drinks to all of your thirsty guests. Of course, you will not want to be mixing up drinks, and for this, you need to turn to mobile bartenders to assist you. Getting professionals to make and mix drinks up for you and for your guests will take away a lot of stress and worry, and it will add something extra special to your event, no matter what the size.

The Entertainment

At a party, your guests will expect to be entertained. The type of entertainment you offer will depend on your budget, and it will depend on the type of guests you are inviting. If you know all of the attendees really well, then be forward and ask them what they want. For example, do they want to see and hear a local live band, or would they prefer to play a game of karaoke!

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