Top 10 Skull Presents for Your Girlfriend

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The trend for skull accessories has been at the peak of popularity for more than a year. Almost every person has at least one such little thing. Based on this, we decided that things with skulls may well become gifts for friends or lovers. There are a lot of goods with this kind of symbolism, and we hope that our list will help you decide what to present to your girlfriend.


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A cup

A cool cup can be a great prize for any event, especially if the skull matches the occasion. Sometimes it is hard to find something you like because prints are usually not that different from one another. In this case, you may try to do it yourself. Just buy a regular white cup and permanent markers. If you are not very good at drawing, then you can print a pattern and then use it to make your skull the way you want it to be.

Find some ideas here:
1. Seasons Black Skull Mug
2. White Day of the Dead Red Rose Sugar Skull Drink Coffee Mug
3. Set Of 4 DAY OF THE DEAD Sugar Skull Ceramic Coffee Mugs
4. Sugar Skull Ceramic Mug | Floral Print Coffee Cup 11 Fl. Oz (White)
5. Disney Coco Skull Mug

A flash drive

A creative flash drive can always come in handy. You can present it to both a young student girl and a mature woman. There are many different options on the market. When buying a flash drive, pay attention not only to the product design but also to the memory

Capacity; it would be great if the amount of memory is not less than 16 GB. Also, look at the flash drive class. The higher it is, the faster it will work with files.

Find some ideas here:
1. 32GB USB 2.0 Black Skull Shape Flash Drive Data Storage Memory Stick
2. Flash Drive 64GB Memory Stick USB 2.0 Pen Drive Cartoon Skull
3. 64GB Black Pendrive Skull USB Flash Drive Memory Thumb Stick

Speaker for the phone

This is a nice present for your girlfriend’s birthday. Buy her a cool speaker for a mobile phone. Find something with a good sound and a decent battery. It is perfect if you manage to buy a speaker in the form of a skull. If you know your way around DIY, then you may try to buy components and then make a unique gift. But this approach takes a lot of time and effort.

Find some ideas here:
1. Skull Wireless Speaker, TOPROAD LED Super Bass Stereo Sound Skull Speaker with Wonderful Eyes Light
2. Generic Skull Head Shape Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
3. Skull Metallic Wireless Shape Bluetooth Speaker

Skull night light

A perfect gift for creating a romantic atmosphere for your evenings. Again, there are hundreds of variants, so pay attention to the brightness and power supply. It is better if your skull night light is powered from rechargeable batteries. This will allow you to take it with you on your trips.

Here are some ideas:
1. Magnetic Levitating 3D Skull LED Light, Floating and Rotating Skull Decoration 
2. Skull 3D Night Light LED Illusion Lamp
3. LL Home Tooled Skull Night Light

A pack of stickers with skulls

Don’t know what to do after the first date with a girl? Present her with a pack of stickers with skulls! Present it to her on any usual day, and she will be pleasantly surprised with it. Find some nice stickers painted in her favorite style. They can be colorful, black, or maybe with additional elements. Your new girlfriend will be happy to receive this present from you because stickers will allow her to turn any common thing into something stylish and nice.

Have a look here:
1. Skull Stickers Graffiti Patches Stickers for Kid and Adult (100pcs Skull)
2. Skull Stickers (100ct) for Halloween – Stationery
3. Juvale Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Sticker Roll (1000 Count) 8 Designs
4. Sugar Skull Mexico Festival Day The Dead Vinyl Sticker

A Hairpin

If you want to please your girlfriend, then you can present her with an unusual hair clip. It can be in the form of human jaws or just with skulls on it. Look at the way how your girlfriend dresses. And buy something that will serve as a nice addition to her style. Complement it with the black rubber band and get a great gift set.

Find some hairpins here:
1. Rubie’s Costume Skull Hairpins
2. Skull Bobby Hair Pin
3. Alchemy Gothic Skully Pewter Hair Grip
4. Rubie’s Costume Co. Skull Hair Snaps

Sugar in the form of a skull and bones

You can’t find this original sugar in an ordinary supermarket, and this is why it will feel unique and special. It is quite possible to find this sugar in various online stores. Also, you can buy a teaspoon with the skull on the tip.

Get them for your girlfriend and yourself:
1. Edible Sugar Skulls
2. Stainless Steel Skull Sugar Spoon Set of 6
3. Skull Spoons

Vintage badges with skulls

If your girlfriend likes rock and roll, then this will be a perfect present. Buy a few of those badges and stick them to the Jolly Roger. Before doing this, make sure that she wears or wants to wear badges.

Have a look here:
1. Tinplate Cartoon Series Button Pins Brooch Tag Badge
2. Human Skull Skeleton Illustrations Round Pins Badge Button Clothing Decoration
3. Skull Brooches Collar Pin Set Enamel Button Jeans Bag Collar Badge
4. Gentlemen’s Skull Button Badge
5. Halloween Enamel Badges Brooches Pins

A Skull trinket

This is a perfect “everyday” gift. Your budget and time are the only limiting factors here. There are an uncountable amount of variants of different skull trinkets. Take your time to find something that will be perfect. To make a present look nicer, you can put it in a black gift box. You can buy it or make it yourself.

Find some inspirations here:
1. Wooden Multipurpose Jewelry Box Keepsake Trinket Treasure Box
2. Chen Mini Dragon On Skull Trinket Box 4 Pc Set
3. Decorative Human Skull and Roses Trinket Box

A skull pendant

Present the stylish skull pendant to your girlfriend on the anniversary of the relationship. We advise you to buy a gold or silver pendant. To make it look cuter, you can ask the jeweler to add a small crown or something else to the skull on it. It all depends on your girlfriend’s tastes, so make sure that you know what she likes. Of course, an individual order will be more expensive, but it’s worth it.

Check these out:
1. Customizable best friend necklaces
2. Boma Jewelry Sterling Silver Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Pendant Necklace
3. Elegant Oxidized Sterling Silver Classic Skull Pendant
4. BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Skull Bones Fashion Pendant Necklace
5. GELIN 14k Yellow Gold CZ Skull with Crown Pendant Necklace for Women

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