Maternity Clothes to Protect Child’s Skull Development

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Baby bumps are gorgeous, but they come with some bit of stress. You have to change your wardrobe because you no longer fit into your old clothes. What you choose to wear when pregnant is very crucial. Too tight clothes may be harmful to your child and yourself. The baby is not fully developed when in the womb, so when your squeeze some parts of your body it may lead to poor development of the child’s skull or compressions on the child when giving birth. Very loose ones could not be the best, either. Your outfit has to be comfortable for you and protective to the health of the unborn. 


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There are many outfits you can put on when pregnant. However, you need to select one wisely. Here are some of the maternity clothes that prevent abnormal skull development to the child.

1. Maternity Dress

The thought that comes to your mind when you think of this is extra-large dresses. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are beautiful maternity dresses and by wearing those you can go to work and spend your day at home or tea-parties, in. 

Maternity dresses are comfortable because they are not too tight, especially around the belly. They can be fitting yes, but have some allowance for breathing around your waist and tummy, for the child to have right growing conditions. The fitting dresses help to hold your baby bump so that you don’t feel quite tired.

2. Work pants

Some women wear their regular pants during their pregnancy up to a specific time. You might still be going to work, but you need new sets of pants because of your baby bump. There are work pants purposefully designed for you. They can also be called maternity pants. You can get these maternity clothes online on various websites.

Maternity pants have a waistband that allows for stretching. The waist of the work pants go your belly below so it doesn’t press on to your belly and still offers some support.

3. Belly bands

They are not necessarily clothes, but they are worn with clothes. Belly bands are made to offer support to expectant women. Women get lower back pains when pregnant. They also get tired too fast. These bands help to support their back, reducing the hurts, and the abdomen, reducing the fatigue.

Belly bands also help you carry out activities like walking, comfortably. As much as these bands are helpful and increase your comfort, you should not wear them for an extended period. A few hours like two is enough. This is because the compressions caused by the bands could be harmful to the child’s development process when excess. They could lead to deformation of the child’s skull, especially when your pregnancy is almost due. 

Maternity clothes can be won even after giving birth for a short period before the body goes back to its standard shape. The belly band is accommodating in this case because it provides support and reduces pain caused by the overstretched muscles.

Purchase these clothes in stores and online. However, when shopping for these maternity clothes online, you have to be sure of your size to ensure you got fitting and comfortable outfits.

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