The best skull apps games that every student loves

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Battles can be called one of the most favorite genres in the world, and the popularity of games on this theme is quite obvious.  They allow us to discover our qualities of character and learn to overcome hardships and win opponents. In order to become a better player, it is necessary not only to learn how to shoot accurately but also to think through each step. All of this is extremely exciting. Students studying in difficult areas such as jurisprudence, for example, are very tired.  They are assisted by entertainment or writing services on this website


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Now, let’s move to the most exciting skull games!

The pirate: Caribbean hunt

This adventure strategy came to Android straight from the PC. In the role of the captain of the ship “Jolly Roger”, the player will go to the stormy Caribbean Sea, where various locations, from tropical islands to historical ports, and, of course, hot battles, await him. A gamer can build relationships with five different countries: he can declare war on them and destroy their ships, or conclude an alliance. In terms of gameplay, the game is quite diverse: you can change ships and improve them, upgrade captain skills, build secret pirate castles, capture settlements and manage them, and many more different things.

Tempest: pirate action RPG

As the name says to us, this is a role-playing action game that offers to play the role of a pirate. There are no restrictions – you can explore the open world, complete quests, improve the ship, engage in trade, and try not to fall into the tentacles of sea monsters. In your team of thugs, you can take on different characters as real friends. A special feature of Tempest is that during a landing on the island, the player can control a character with a third-person view. You can win the enemy with a saber, or wait for fire help from the ship.

Ships of battle – age of pirates

Naval history about the robbers of the Caribbean, in which the player can build a huge pirate empire. Driving a frail ship and a small village, he will participate in heated battles and gain experience and game currency, which are necessary to buy upgrades. There are over 20  warships to choose from, various weapons for them, as well as dozens of improvements for the city. By the way, it is very important to be sociable and diplomatic, that without cooperation with other bandits, the role of which will be played by other gamers, there is nowhere here. By the way, you can ask for some advice on this writing service

Pirate kings

A funny game about pirates on Android offers rather non-standard gameplay. In the role of not the most successful captain, the player will organize his own island, and will also spin the wheel of luck and shoot the islands of other gamers with a cannon. Yes, the wheel is one of the main gameplay mechanics that will help you earn various improvements. Pirate Kings are also attracted by colorful graphics.

Kings of sails: royal navy

A network action game that immerses gamers in the Golden Age of Pirates. They are going to have intense team battles, in which they can show their leadership skills and control one of the legendary ships, from the Senta George to the Flying Dutchman. In battles, various details are taken into account. For example, a tailwind will help to speed up, and damages to various parts of the ship after the battles will deny it various functions. At the end of the battle, the ship can be customized and pumped. Do not forget to call your friends, because it’s much more fun together.

The myth of the pirates

The myth of the Pirates is designed in the manner of the classic fight games. The player will have to choose one of 3 heroes (a sailor, a pirate, or a walking dead man), gain a team of reliable allies, and crush the skulls of enemies and their bosses. The character can be equipped and pumped, and use abilities in battle. Simple control, exciting battles, and a pretty picture -they are the features for which Myth of the Pirates is liked by a lot of students. 

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate game. Here you will find sea adventures, battles with other pirates, as well as a meeting with creepy sea creations like the Kraken. Skulls are a type of treasure in Sea of Thieves. They can be collected from the bodies of defeated captains or received as a reward for quests and the killing of especially dangerous monsters. By the way, you can find them as on land as in the sea, however, they will not be on the surface of the water for long and in a couple of moments, they will sink to the bottom. Skulls need to be given to the Order of Souls to get gold and reputation points. 

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