Goth Fashion On A Budget: 6 Savvy Tips And Tricks

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Goth is a three-dimensional (fashion, music, and lifestyle) idea that stemmed from the influence of post-punk music of the late 1980s, most notable of which is Siouxsie and the Banshees. 


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You cannot call yourself goth in one sense only. You have to embrace one or two facets of the Goth idea even to be considered true goth. 

Let’s look at the three dimensions of goth:

  • Lifestyle  

They embrace the love for horror movies, Victorian literature, dark-colored clothes, dark make-up, exotic dark hairstyles, pale skin, facial piercings, and tattoos. 

  • Music  

Integral in the goth subculture and the primary influence of the movers and shakers when the goth was born. Think monotone vocals from British band Joy Division and melancholy lyrics of Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. 

  • Fashion  

Everything is dark or black in goth fashion. Add a little lace, leather, studs, ripped fishnets, and vinyl corsets, and you’re good to go.

  • Features Of Goth Fashion

Today, there are so many categories for goth fashion. Some of the few are traditional, hippie, pastel, romantic, cyber, vampire, tribal, bubble, casual, and gothic lolita.

Early goth fans can attest that goth fashion was born out of DIY. That’s why if you’re new to goth and you come out in a complete head-to-toe goth outfit from branded goth stores, you can easily be tagged as a newbie, and you still haven’t fully understood the concept and probably just riding on the bandwagon. 

  • What Are The Savvy Tips And Tricks?

Branded goth stores are available in a few malls and online, and they can be pretty expensive. So, here are a few savvy tips and tricks to achieve goth fashion on a budget. 

  1.  Go For Basics And Accessorize

You don’t need to spend a ton of money trying to achieve the goth look successfully. Buy basic black tees, ripped jeans, black boots off the rack or classic Vans sneakers and accessorize them with lace, fishnet stockings, dark nails, ultra-black or neon hair, dark lipstick, and skull necklaces. You can even customize your basic black boots and leather belt with sharp studs or metallic dots to elevate your goth look. 

  1.  Wear Black Printed Goth Tees

Goth music on printed t shirts can be an excellent start for a budding goth believer. It may not scream goth right away but will show your love for the music that inspired goth. 

Have customized printed shirts with David Bowie, Bauhaus, the Cure, and Joy Division, and you’ll surely be on your way to the center of goth. Add Misfits and Thrasher to the list too. 

  1.  Visit Vintage And Thrift Shops

The first goth lovers will, of course, outgrown the clothes and shoes they wore in their heyday, and where would these go? 

Old clothes are often donated, and most of them find their way to thrift and vintage shops. These are two of the best places you can find legit goth clothes with even a little bit of history at an affordable price. 

  1.  Buy From E-commerce Platforms And Social Media Marketplace

The online marketplace is a haven for authentic goth clothing for people on a budget. If you know how to search, you’ll find a gem in the rough. 

Something you’ll be proud to wear over and over. Goth pages on social media where members post- shopping hauls and tips have shared that they have bought some rare finds online and couldn’t be happier. 

  1.  Use Heat Transfer DIY

With just a piece of transfer paper, printer, old shirt, and flat iron, you can print your goth-inspired attire at home! 

Well, you can forget to transfer paper and use parchment paper and plastic wrap instead if you’re hell-bent on doing everything from scratch! That would slash nothing off your budget as these are things you can easily find at home. And more importantly, you can choose whatever design you like or make it into a collage art; it’s really up to you.

  1. Repurpose Old Clothes To Look Goth

It may be time to unleash your creative vibe and remake old clothes so you won’t have to spend a thing to look goth. Ask your parents, aunts, and uncles for old clothes that you can repurpose like velvet plaid skirts, leather jackets, black trousers, corsets, black dresses, and coats.

Repurposing these pieces of clothing will put your mark and brand on it, making it more genuinely goth.


Whether you’re inspired by something or want to express your personality, fashion need not be expensive and exhaustive. Creating something beautiful out of the ordinary and even old things can be gratifying and fulfilling. Adding a few personal touches can make a piece of clothing genuinely fashionable in every sense of the word.

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