Skull Tattoos by Timur Lysenko

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I have featured some Skull Tattoos by Timur Lysenko before but here I am again with some designs not featured in that post
(Amazing skull tattoos by Timur Lysenko). Timur works at Redberry Tattoo Studio in Wroclaw, Poland. He has attended many tattoo conventions.


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There is a growing trend that people love to get tattoos in a more abstract style. You can find darkness and beauty in his tattoos. Timur uses gradient shading to create 3D amazing portraits and flowers, and then mixes into the compositions flat lines and sweater-style patterns for a contrasting effect. There is a lot of black pigment, and some bright pink or red, which makes tattoo unique and impressing. Tattoos done by Timur are absolutely stunning! His style is very unique!

If you look for inspiration for a new tattoo or just want to see more amazing tattoos, check out Timur’s impressive Facebook gallery: Timur Lysenko

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