Skull tattoos by Teresa Sharpe

Tattoos could be black or colorful, depend on your taste. Both of tattoos designs are popular and look wonderful on the body skin. Today I want to show you some amazing colorful skull tattoos by Teresa Sharpe. The shading, the color, the amount of detail is just mind-blowing to me. Teresa’s style is definitely unique and her art often includes birds in some aspect.


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Teresa is a talented tattoo artist who works out of Studio 13 Tattoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Shortly after she graduated with Bachelor in Fine Arts she went on to find an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. She has learned how to tattoo from many different artists and continues to learn all the time. She is extremely dedicated to her art and to constantly improving upon her skills.

Take a look at Teresa’s Facebook page and Website for more pictures and info about this great tattoo artist. Her awesome portfolio is filled with original, unique tattoos. Go check out her work today and get inspired! Hers work speaks for itself.

Skull tattoos by Teresa Sharpe (2) Skull tattoos by Teresa Sharpe Teresa Sharpe (2) Teresa Sharpe (3) Teresa Sharpe

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