Every Dog Has Its Day

If you love sugar skulls and dogs have a look at this amazing watercolor painting: “El Perro de los Muertos – Every Dog Has Its Day” by Nick Eggleston, inspired by the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos, The Day Of The Dead festival when people paint themselves with skulls and flowers to celebrate the lives of departed loved ones. The portrait is of Frida Kahlo, the surrealist painter. The attention to detail, accurate drawing and highly original composition make Nick’s watercolors so interesting and unique.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Originally from Yorkshire, England, Nick Eggleston is a full-time artist and tutor currently based in Tauranga, New Zealand. He has successfully exhibited his artworks in the U.K, Guernsey and New Zealand. He also accepts commissions and is currently working on book illustrations. Nick has been teaching for over twenty years taking various art classes in drawing, Celtic art, watercolors and ceramics. He has also worked with oils, and acrylics. He currently specializes and enjoys the challenge of watercolor paint. Although grounded in traditional techniques, Nick feels he is part of a growing movement of artists bringing watercolor painting into the present day by developing layering and glazing techniques to produce more vibrant and colorful work.

His intention for 2012 was to have a solo exhibition of just the Dogs paintings. The series has been inspired by a pack of extraordinary dogs. The Artist’s Room Gallery in Dunedin, NZ, offered to host the show and the exhibition was very successfully received and sold out three days prior to it opening. You can find the series of watercolor paintings “The Dogs” in Nick’s portfolio: The Dogs by Nick Eggleston

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