Skull Paintings by Peter Perlegas

Peter Perlegas is a Greek American artist specializing in hyperrealistic charcoal drawings and oil paintings. Peter’s talent was evident at a young age when he began painting iconography for church members at the age of 10 and won multiple awards in Art and Sculpture. He is an artist who paints oil portraits of people in all walks of life. His realistic drawings and paintings aim to depict the power of human emotional expression. Portraits done by Peter are completed using the finest materials that will last for hundreds of years. Peter’s paintings are so accurate that they look like photographs.


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Peter accepts commissions, just contact him on his website and he will be more than happy to work with you!

Today I want to show you some of his detailed skull paintings. Check out more of Peter’s artworks on his website and Instagram.
Instagram: hpeterperlegas

Skull Paintings by Peter Perlegas (2) Skull Paintings by Peter Perlegas

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