Skull keys

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Designer skull keys for your home, office and school. Stat Key acknowledges the innate human ability to know quality, and they create products by honing of all its aspects  not through processes that are “industry standards” but through careful design, advanced materials, and manufacturing techniques never before applied to keys.


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Skull keys

Stat Keys are nickel plated brass alloy. The interior brass is soft for ease of cutting at the locksmith and to protect your door lock from wear over time. The nickel coating over the brass protects the key from the external environment and provides the proper finish.

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Innovative Products for Elegant Personal Expression Both a unique brand and a technology company, Stat Key is for those who recognize and enjoy a higher aesthetic standard. It is dedicated to freedom in design and robust but beautiful mechanical execution. The result is atypical – striking, elegant, and personal. Stat Key is a group of individuals who found our lives reflected a joint dissatisfaction with the ordinary and are dedicated to sharing a higher level of creativity in personal product design. The Stat Key team members are industrial designers, engineers, and business people. All have entrepreneurial spirits. We want to share our passion, our tenacious rejection of the ordinary. Do you carry Stat Keys?

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