Skull Clutch by Bea Valdes

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Skull Clutch by Bea Valdes, a young Filipino luxury goods designer. She is best known for blending remarkable skill and vision to create works of art. Bea has turn bag and accessory design into an exquisite art form. She first burst into the international scene with her handbags which made their debut in US Vogue. With the success of her bags, she started creating bib necklaces. These proved to be a big trend and were soon copied by boldfaced and little-known designers alike. 

Skull Clutch by Bea Valdes

“I prefer to explore certain emotions when I am creating. Underneath, I think the main narrative that I drift towards is that of longing and desire. We make pieces that stand on their own, a symbol of heroic feminine narrative, rather that just an accessory. They are complicated and complex as we believe women to be,” described Bea of her creative process.

Bea has recently expanded her line to include vests that are as stunningly beaded as her bag designs. She also created a jewelry showpiece for Swarovski that looked like shards of antique mirror strung together.

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