Skull Art Prints by Jeral Tidwell

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Skull Art Prints by Jeral Tidwell


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Today we want to show you an awesome Skull Art Prints by Jeral Tidwell.

After receiving encouragement throughout high school to continue drawing, Jeral Tidwell realized that art was not only an essential part of his personal life, it was his career as well. He started his professional art career in 1988 as an airbrush artist in the mall of his small town, after several years airbrushing, he moved into graphic design and illustration. That’s when his world opened up to the amazing number of possibilities that creative thinking can provide. Since 1988 he has designed art for everything from hot sauce labels to skateboard decks. He has also been lucky enough to show his paintings in galleries from LA to NY, in books and magazines about everything from Hot Rod cars and Concert posters to Tattoo magazines and Sci-Fi art books.

SKULLY GIRL BACK PRINTHe is working on a ton of new art that will soon hit the street in the form of decks, posters, stickers, t-shirts, hot rod paint jobs and even children’s books so, keep an eye open for good things to come. I hope you enjoy seeing his great art as much as he does creating it, what you see  here comes form his soul.

BIRTH OF VENUS... by Jeral Tidwell


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