Skull and roses tattoo

Skull and roses tattoo by Henry “MrDist” Pyykkö. Henry works at Big Slick Tattoo in Örebro, Sweden.

Skull and roses tattoo

Skull tattoos are one of the most common types of tattoos in the world. Skulls often mean dark and depressing things. The fact is that skulls often have a very positive or motivating meaning. Skull tattoos remind people to experience obstacles and hardships, to take chances and be their best. People who choose these tattoos want to remember that their mortal life is meaningless in comparison to the wonders and glory that await them after death.

Rose tattoo designs are so frequently tattooed with skulls, to represent the contrast between life and death or beauty and decay.  It is this symbol of duality that brings to mind the everlasting struggle between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, and the belief that from death comes life.

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