Skeleton drawing by Moni Marino

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Have a look at this awesome Skeleton drawing by Moni Marino, very talented tattoo artist. She began tattooing in 1993. In Germany and across  the World , Moni is known mainly as a specialist for Photo-Realism, Portrait and Chicano Style.  Her tattoo pieces look like oil paintings on flesh.  The pastel colors are so vibrant and shape the form like no other tattoo artist. Her work is incredible for its realistic levels of detail and creative use of color. Moni has been always interested in Tattoo Art and she is obsessed with Oil painting. She has always been into drawing and painting. She was 14 when she discovered that it is possible to draw on someones skin permanently. Moni’s artistic work, whether it be tattoos or paintings is absolutely incredible. The attention to detail and contrast of colors can not be matched. To see more of her work check out her Facebook page.

Skeleton drawing by Moni Marino

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