Roe Deer Skulls

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Let me introduce you to Miss Vitriol and her stunning collection of Roe Deer Skulls. Miss Vitriol is a French based artist working on colorful shapes and creatures inspired by the Pop Culture. Between dreams and nightmares she works on the emotional and hidden story from the inside.


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Roe Deer Skulls

“My Dark Side” is a personal project of custom animal skulls and bones by Miss Vitriol. Around a tribute to the Defeated ones (with Posca, ink, acrylic and aerosol) the project wants to bring their force and majesty back. Some of them are decorated with a feather crown like a Totem. Their Death is full of colors, shiny and bright as the Immortals.

deer skull Roe Deer Skulls 1 Roe Deer Skulls 2 Roe Deer Skulls 3 roe-deer-skull roedeerskull4


More info about Miss Vitriol and her work you can find here:

Some of her works you can buy on Etsy:

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