No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game

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No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game! – A skeletal Jenga Game 🙂

You take your game nights seriously and so do your guests, but you’re not afraid scare up a few laughs with this eerily entertaining game! A rib-splitting take on a standard stacking game, this skeleton-inspired set by Kikkerland invites your most competitive and comical friends to test their tact by pulling a wooden bone from the column, then placing it on top without toppling the tower.

No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game

To make this pastime even more terrifying, your pals will be challenged to complete each level with a sweetly-detailed cranium that could roll with slightest flinch of their phalanges. Though they don’t stand a ghost of a chance against your steady hand, your friends can delight in your old-‘skull’ style each time you exhume this magically macabre game!

No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game 1

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