OMG Literally Dead

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OMG Literally Dead is an Instagram profile for the Halloween skeleton created by Social Media Manager Dana Herlihey. Skellie is a girl who means it when she says she’s “literally dead.” Three months after Dana’s first post she’s still posing and photographing Skellie and crafting her personality.


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“I continued taking photos of the skeleton and then, on a whim, thought it would be funny for the office skeleton to have its own account,” Herlihey said. “Eventually I realized there was some interesting potential for contemporary satire, so I ran with it, and it has kind of snowballed since.”

More pictures: OMG Literally Dead!   This is a rare album of skeletons just living their lives in peace.
Society6 Shop: omgliterallydead

This Instagram account is giving me life. I imagine this takes a bit of dedication to carry that skeleton around to different places.

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