IT Luggage Skull Set

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The IT Luggage Skulls Set, an iconic collection that is embossed with a skull design, makes it a must-have item for the fashion conscious traveler. Constructed from hardside ABS material and is embossed with a large skull design on the front.

IT Luggage was established in London in 1985 with the aim of designing luggage suitable for the needs of the business and leisure traveler. Their in-house artists work with many customers to create totally unique prints that cannot be found anywhere else.

IT Luggage Skull Set (2)IT Luggage Skull

Available on Amazon:

it luggage Skulls II 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Set, Black

it luggage 21″ Skulls II Hardside Expandable, Black, 21.3 Inches

IT Luggage Skull Set

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