Handmade Billiard Ball Skull Set

This time we want to show you a handmade Billiard Ball Skull Set. This is a fantastic complete 16-piece set of skulls made by Lee Downey, each hand carved from a vintage billiard ball.
Handmade Billiard Ball Skull Set 1


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This set is a superb example of the meticulous handiwork of the artisan carvers in Bali. Each skull has its own personality, with intricate attention to detail. This would make an incredible addition to a skull collection. Would you dare use these if you could figure out how?

You can buy this set here: theevolutionstore.com

Lee Downey is an artist who has been making jewelry for over 35 years. He is a California-born artist based in the ancient village of Tampaksiring, Bali, since 1984. His work shows intense attention to detail, quality and style. Lee is fascinated with skeletons, fossils and natural specimens.

Be sure to visit Lee Downey online to see more of his amazing  work!


Billiard Ball Skull Set

Handmade Billiard Ball Skull Set

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