Birdcatcher by Natalia Drepina

This time we want to show you some pictures taken by Natalia Drepina, from Lipetsk, Russia. Many people know her as Your Schizophrenia (Natalia’s second creative project includes music and poetry).  She loves tandem sad landscapes and fragile girls. Natalia has been doing photography since 2009. She likes to create the beauty of the way she feels it. This is similar to the creation of her own universe.

Birdcatcher by Natalia Drepina

“Sometimes she wandered sleeping at predawn alleys. Barefoot blazed a trail in clover carpets takes cover the ground.
Birds-somnambulists by hanging himself on the dry branches of the fir trees, dropped their skull with thin necks, embraced a noose. Their skulls tangled in her hair, their voices intertwined in her dreams. Before sunrise, she returned to her stuffy room, in her bed, where in the morning, she is surprised to find a few bird skulls.”

Birdcatcher by Natalia Drepina 1

There is more to discover, Natalia’s work is very varied. You can follow her on Facebook and DeviantArt. Go check out her work today and get inspired!

Birdcatcher by Natalia Drepina 2

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