Day of the Dead Festival Australia

On the 31st of October 2014 the gate between Australia and Mexico will be open. Skeletons will honour the dead and celebrate life on the 3rd Year “Day of the Dead Festival Australia”.


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Day of the Dead Festival Australia (2)

This year’s festival will be produced to promote Art-Music-Food-Culture with signature events for all ages that maintains and respects the cultural integrity of “Dia de los Muertos” tradition, but also showcase Modern Forms of Art from Melbourne and Mexican Artist from all disciplines providing a memory for the dead and a fiesta for the living. They work together to promote artists and traditions not only from Mexico but also latinoamerica and overseas working together with local communities. Festival will take place in Melbourne from 30th October to 2nd November 2014. You can support the Festival by participating as a sponsor, exhibitor, artist or volunteer, and share with family and friends one part of the Mexican way of life.


Their mission is to celebrate and educate people about the meaning and beauty of The Day of the Dead Celebrations. This holiday is one of Mexican most famous events celebrated in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day on November 1 and 2. Instead of dwelling on the death of family, people are dwelling on the life the deceased person lived. The result is a party-like atmosphere that must be seen to believe. And the trademark of this event is the sugar skull. Keeping with the true spirit of Day of the Dead, sugar skulls are not creepy or morbid. Instead, they are happy, vibrant candies that are often smiling or laughing. The bright colors and sparkly decorations on the sugar skulls are cheerful enough to clear away any fear or concern about what they stand for.

Day of the Dead Day of the Dead Festival Day of the Dead Festival Australia Day of the Dead Festival (2)

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