Custom engraving by Tony Reynolds

Today I want to show you an incredible custom engraving by Tony Reynolds. He specializes in engraving parts for custom rides from Club logos to completely original pieces. This London born artist has specialized in various art forms such as stone, metal and wood sculpture and painting. Tony was a tattoo artist when he discovered engraving and that style of art is clearly present in his metal work today. He is dedicated to the art of engraving in order to perfect this specialized technique. Visit his website and Facebook for more info and pictures.


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Engraving has been practiced since the ages where eggshells used for water containers were decorated. The practiced grew and evolved over time and gained popularity for jewelers and gunsmiths. Its use on motorcycles dates back to choppers and customs and its popularity comes and goes. While computer-aided engraving has started to make its way onto mass-produced motorcycle parts, there is still no substitution for the human hand. After following a single piece make its way from a stock dash to a piece of motorcycle art, engraving is nothing short of an art form on par with painting, tattooing, or drawing.

Custom engraving by Tony Reynolds (2) Custom engraving by Tony Reynolds Tony Reynolds (2) Tony Reynolds (3) Tony Reynolds (4) Tony Reynolds (5) Tony Reynolds

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