Cool Ways to Decorate your Room With Skulls

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Many people prefer their homes to be decorated with vibrant colors and clean lines. On the other hand, there are people with more peculiar tastes. 


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One of the things some people like to decorate their homes with is skulls. There is a deep connection these people have with skulls and would like to decorate their homes with them.

Macrame and Skulls

If you are one of those people, then you should have fun decorating your home and imprinting it with your personal style. However, some people don’t know how to use skulls in decoration. The following are several cool ways you can decorate your room with skulls:

Have a Color Palette

You will commonly see only white and black skulls when it comes to home decoration. However, you can use a wide variety of colors for the skulls in your home.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to create a color palette for the skull decorations. You can make it as colorful or as plain as you want. You should ensure that the color palette for the skull decorations matches the interior décor that already exists in your home. Otherwise, the colors will clash and will have an undesirable effect on your home.

Use Skulls of Different Sizes

When you want to decorate your home with skulls, you should identify the places where you can put them. You will find areas of different sizes and shapes that are viable locations for skull decorations.

Skulls also come in various designs and sizes. Therefore, you can use different sizes depending on the areas where they can fit.

The different sizes and shapes of skulls will add an element of visual interest to your interior décor. It will also add variety to the decorations which you and your guests should find captivating.

Use Skull Fabrics

We use a lot of fabrics in our homes for a wide variety of purposes. They may include tapestry on the wall, seat covers, and table cloths among others.

Macrame and Skulls

A cool way to decorate your home is to use fabrics with skull designs on them. You should particularly use them on the beddings which you can get from Try and match all the beddings in your room to have the same skull designs including bed sheets, comforters, and pillow covers.

However, you should ensure that these items are still functional while still having skull designs. For example, curtains with skulls should still block out the light from outside.

Add Skull Area Rugs

Area rugs are often considered a decorative item that adds class and elegance to a room. They will still do that even though the rugs have skull designs on them.

You can put an area rug in any room of the house. However, if you get an exotic area rug that is delicate and expensive, you should put it somewhere with little foot traffic like the bedroom.

Moreover, you can match the skull designs on the area rugs in different rooms for some consistency. You may have to make a special order to get an area rug with the skull design you want. However, the expenditure will be worth it.

Skull Paintings

Artwork is a crucial part of the interior decoration of any room. Therefore, hanging skull paintings on the wall is a cool way to decorate your room with skulls. Skull artwork is probably going to be the most prominent part of the art décor meaning that you should make a good choice. You will have plenty of choices at your disposal and you should go for the one that gives your buck the most bang.

Kacper Giłka Art, Macrame And Skulls

Your artwork can also be completed by frames with skulls on them. Both canvas paintings, photos, and frame prints will make great skull art décor.

Skull Sculptures

It is difficult to speak about art decorations without talking about sculptures. They are a great addition to any room and the same goes for skull sculptures.

Skulls can be found as ornate sculptures that you can place on a shelf or wall as they are. They can also be part of a larger bust if you want.

Skull sculptures cost more than most skull decorations you can put inside your home. On the other hand, quality is always better than quantity especially when it comes to decorating your home with skulls.

Photo credit: Kelly Smith

There are many other cool ways in which you can decorate your home with skulls. Skull lighting fixtures, speakers, and other accessories look fantastic in the proper décor. You should review as many skull art pieces to find out what works for you. It is the coolest way to decorate your home with skulls.

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