6 Awesome Skull Inspired T-Shirt Print Ideas

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I love skulls and always have. Whether I have an unusual obsession with the dead or having skull tattoos and skull artwork all over your house is normal, I cannot say. However, as you are here looking at this skull t-shirt inspired article, clearly this is an obsession you share with me. So, here are the best skull inspired t-shirts from around the world for when you want to rock your skull obsession out in public and let the world know who you are!


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Comrade Vladimir T-shirt

This is an awesome skull t-shirt designed by Crom and printed by Flood print. I love it when a clothing company takes the skull and makes it fun and exciting. This skull t-shirt is hand-screened and, as you can see, it is an astronaut that has perhaps stayed out in space for a bit too long. This astronaut’s head has lost all of its skin, but none of its style. We love this t-shirt as it still says skull, but in a wonderfully drawn and quirky way and there is never anything wrong with a quirky skull!


Bobber Mafia’s Death Rider T-Shirt

This skull t-shirt is a real classic design that I will never get enough of. This will speak to anyone who owns a motorbike or who loves the design aesthetic of the motorbike world. The Death Rider skull from Bobber Mafia is bold and beautiful. It slaps a skull right on your back and lets everyone know in the queue behind you that you love skulls! It is a classic skull design that will never go out of style!


Weight of the World T-Shirt

From a classic skull t-shirt to a modern skull that was inspired by tattoos. Now, this t-shirt doesn’t have the classic tattoo skull screen printed on it. Instead, Weight of the World decided to bring the skull into the modern day with this wonderfully designed image. It still screams ‘skull’ at anyone who looks at your t-shirt, but this is a skull of the 21st century, and we love it.


9910 Born To Raise Hell T-Shirt

9910 have put skulls on just about anything. From hoodies to skateboards, they have plastered skulls on it all, including their amazing Born To Raise Hell t-shirt. I don’t know whether the Motorhead song this t-shirt is named after or the awesome skull design got me excited first. But either way, this skull t-shirt needed to be on our list!


Worn To Death Skull T-Shirt

Here’s another classic skull t-shirt bought to us by the amazing clothing company Worn to Death. This skull is another motorbike-inspired skull, and it is wearing a helmet to keep it safe while you grab a coffee. I love a classic skull design, and this one happens to be one of the best skulls on a t-shirt I have ever seen. I have just ordered this skull tee for myself, and I can’t wait to rock this, I just need a motorbike now!


Saints Of The Undead Skull T-Shirt

Finally, we have the most Gothic skull on this list. We love the classic skull and the modern skull, but there is something about a Gothic skull that is just very hard to beat. What we love about this skull tee, though, is that the skull almost looks like an x-ray, in a creepy yet awesome way. It is a beautifully drawn skull that takes up the whole front of the t-shirt, to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that you are the skull-lover you claim to be.

We hope you found your favorite skull t-shirt on this list. We love all of these skull t-shirts. They make the perfect gift for a skull-lover, motorbike rider, skateboarder, or just about anyone else.
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