Clever Ways to Display Your Fascination for Skulls

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There are people who are engrossed with skulls perhaps because it signifies mortality. Others simply see it as a more acceptable representation of the dark side of death, which is often a taboo topic. Still, many are fascinated with skulls because famous artists, particularly rock stars, use this as a symbol of their albums or music. If you are one who is quite interested in skulls, below are some clever ways on how you can display your fascination for this object.


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  • Shirt Printing

One of the most common ways for you to express your captivation for skulls is by wearing clothes with this symbol. Ready-made shirts with skull prints often come in black color, but if you want to be different, try making your own shirt with a skull design. This way, you will be able to decide on the color, the size of the print, and even the overall cut of the shirt.

  • Diamond Painting

Another way to display your fascination for skulls is by venturing out into the arts. Make a painting of a skull and hang it on your wall, or instead of paint on canvas, why not try using diamonds? The seasoned artists behind believe that it doesn’t matter whether you opt for round or square diamonds to create your masterpiece, the important thing is that your artwork shines bright in the end. You may think that a mosaic diamond artwork is rather complex to make, but on the contrary, the entire process is quite simple. All you need to do is to apply the rhinestones to richly-pigmented adhesive canvas paintings.

  • Accessories

There are already quite a number of accessories featuring the skull symbol. You can find it as a bag print, a belt buckle, or even a piece of jewelry such as an earring or a necklace. Others even wear it as headgear or part of their footwear. For some, it doesn’t end there because even their cars or bikes are accentuated with the skull symbol. The main thing is that accessorizing with skull symbols is another great way for you to display your fascination with it.

  • Writing Materials

If you love to write, having your own personal letterhead with a skull symbol is another way of saying that you are amazed by it. You can even have personalized stamps in skull design or have your own customized pens in a skull design. If you are lucky, you may even find a notebook or stationery that features the skull symbol.

There are plenty of ways for you to express your interest in skulls, regardless of what this object symbolizes for you. You can delve into shirt printing and customize skull designs on your own. You can also go for ready-made shirts with skull prints. Another option is for you to express your enthusiasm through arts such as making a skull painting using diamonds to give it a contrasting twist. There is also the option for you to accessorize with skull-like jewelry or accents, or even use writing materials with skull symbols.

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