Awesome Skull And Bones Tattoo Designs You’ll Love

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As a tattoo enthusiast, you must have come across the terms ‘skull and bones tattoos’ a couple of times. Like any other person who is fond of ink, you may have even visited a few websites that talk about the different kinds of skull and bones tattoos just to satisfy your curiosity. However, as soon as you finished reading those articles, you found yourself in the same spot again, with more questions than answers. This is because most websites that talk about these tattoos do not provide clear information. The skull and bones tattoo meaning is unclear, what they symbolize is uncertain, even their designs are ambiguous. That’s why this article will be explaining some of the most common skull and bones tattoos, including the meaning of each design. 


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The Inverted Skull And Bones Tattoo

The inverted skull and bones tattoo is arguably one of the most striking designs in the realm of tattoos. This design shows a human skull inside an hourglass, which has turned upside down. The inverted skulls and crossbones give off a dark and haunting vibe that just screams bad boy. These tattoos are usually worn by people who don’t care what other people think about them and can easily command respect from the people around them. Other than that, inverted skull and bones tattoos signify a new beginning in life for those who choose to get inked with it.

To design this tattoo, all you have to do is draw the human skull inside an inverted hourglass. This can be tricky to draw, and as the folks at explain, going through a proper apprenticeship will produce much better results when you draw. If you are having trouble drawing it, then print or find a template online that can help you out. The bones of the human skull should be facing upwards, not downwards as most people think. Make sure that each side of the hourglass has the same number of lines – this is an inverted hourglass after all. If you are drawing on paper, just draw one line for every half of the skull that has to be shown. 

The Skull inside an hourglass by Stephan Bone

The Skeletal Hand Holding A Skull Tattoo

This tattoo is an excellent example of how a skull and bones tattoo should look like. It shows a human skeletal hand with its index finger extended, holding a skull by the side of the face. This design has been in use since ancient times and was a popular symbol during the voodoo era. The most original version of this particular design shows the skeletal hand holding the skull by its eye sockets, but other variations include the skeletal hand holding the skull by its crown or lower jaw. The most significant thing about this design is that it signifies various different things depending on its position. For example, if the index finger of the skeletal hand points at you, then it means that you are currently within your close friend’s thoughts. 

To design this tattoo, you have to draw a slanted line at the top of the paper. Divide this line into two parts – one part representing the bones of the hand and another for the skull. After that, design each bone carefully so it looks real enough. The index finger should be raised upwards with its tip pointing towards the sky.

The Crossbones Tattoo

The crossbones tattoo, which shows a human skull with two bones crossed over each other at the base of its cranium, is one of many skull and bones tattoos that indicate danger and violence. This particular design has been used to symbolize death and decay since ancient times and was popular in pirate culture since the pirates were out on the dangerous high seas all their lives. The crossbones tattoo is a symbol that suggests that you are not afraid of death or violence. This can be a positive thing depending on how these symbols are used.

To design this tattoo, draw two parallel lines which meet at one end to create an inverted V. Make sure that the skulls at the bottom of these lines are facing opposite directions and that each one has a single horn on its cranium and its eyes closed. 

The Pirate Skull And Crossbones Tattoo

The pirate skull and crossbones tattoo is one of the most popular skulls and bones tattoos around. It is often seen on the bodies of pirates themselves as well as people who want to look like them. This tattoo design came about during the Golden Age of Piracy, which spanned between 1650 and 1730 CE. It was first used by sailors to mark their barrels containing fresh water, and that is how it gained its popularity. The skull should have a bony grin on its face with two bones crossed over each connecting at the base of the cranium.

To design this tattoo, first, draw a human skull using your creativity and preferences as there are no rules. After that, draw two parallel lines as before to form an inverted V, and then draw two bones in the middle that cross each other to resemble a plus sign. Make sure these lines are complete so they do not look like broken lines. 

Designing a skull and bones tattoo is not difficult, but it requires patience. The more you practice, the better you will get at designing unique tattoos that reflect your personality. With an understanding of the designs and the right teacher, you can have awesome tattoos.

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