What Does a Skull Symbolize When Used for Tattoos: Everything to Know

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Are you wondering what does a skull symbolize when used for tattoos? If yes, click here to learn about the meaning and symbolism of a skull tattoo.


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Secret societies. Danger. Death.

These are the first few ideas that come to mind when we see a skull. We think something nefarious is coming our way. Dare we say it – sometimes we get spooked.

But, that’s not always the case – especially when it comes to a sweet skull tattoo.

Let’s take a look at the different interpretations to answer the burning question of ‘What does a skull symbolize’?

Skull Tats

These hellaciously awesome tattoos that showcase the remains of a human head are popular. They have been popular since the dawn of man. They will be popular after the demise of man.

They are just that cool.

The symbolism, though, is what makes a skull tattoo so mystical, enticing, and dare I say it – trendy.

Skull with wings tattoo and skull heads tattoo options seem to be the most requested by customers. Something about the many meanings of this white, hollowed, cranial cavity inspires people in hundreds of ways.

What Does a Skull Symbolize?

There are several different things that skulls symbolize. Keep reading to learn more:

Secret Societies

Secret societies have been around for eons. The most popular being The Skull and Bones at Yale. However, many colleges, universities, and pretty much anyone else that has a group of people with a secret, love the symbol of the skull. 

No one knows when they began. No one knows their purpose. That’s the point, though – they are shrouded in secret.

Skulls are the chosen symbols for many of these elite, secretive organizations.


Simple. Members take secrets and information to their graves.

The skull represents loyalty and allegiance. It represents secrecy. It represents camaraderie.

If you aren’t a member of a centuries-old secret society, but you are a member of a group of friends or like-minded people – the skull tattoo could represent camaraderie and brotherhood/sisterhood.

In fact, some fraternities and sororities use a watered-down skull heads tattoo to represent togetherness and unity. 

Death & Remembrance

Sure, we all know that skulls are representative of death. When the body decomposes, the skull is all that remains.

However, the symbolism of the skull is eternal.

A skeleton tattoo meaning is, very rarely, representative of death. This type of tattoo tends to focus on remembrance. The skull can indicate a lost life, but one that remains with us in spirit.

Skulls can represent the family and friends of the deceased. Case in point – “Dia de los Muertos“.

This is a holiday that is happy, joyous, and reflective of those that we have loved and lost. It’s a holiday 100% represented by the skeleton and the skull.

A day marked with amazing foods and treats inspired by the skull is a holiday I’d celebrate anytime!

Power & Spirituality

Every home dons a skull.

Our cleaning supplies, our medicine, power tools – if there is a potential for death and/or dismemberment, we see the symbol of the skull. Usually, this skull is paired with the notorious crossbones to really freak us out.

Today, most of the world associates the skull with some kind of danger. 

However, when questioning what does a skull symbolize, we can find that it actually has less to do with danger and more to do with power and spirituality.

A skull tattoo that can humble any mortal to his bones is a “Memento Mori” inspired design. The translation of this phrase is one that we should all remember:

Remember you are mortal. Remember you must die.

This is not a warning or a threat. This is a reminder that even though we all have an expiration date, we need to live life to its fullest.

A skull tattoos meaning can be something that dates back thousands of years. The skull represents a reflection of one’s life.

Live it up. Don’t mess it up.


Sounds a bit weird. Human remains are associated with beauty.

But, if you think about it – the body is a perfect creation. Everything works together; everything builds on itself. The foundation, though, is the skeleton and the skull.

Contrary to popular belief, skulls are not only used for Halloween decoration and voodoo seances. Skulls have become a very popular centerpiece for all kinds of different decors, tastes, and styles.

Skulls are mysterious. They represent the life of someone that we never knew.

People don’t just shop for skulls to decorate a room on a whim. When someone is inspired by skull decor, there is a reason. The same is true with a skull tattoo.

When we see an incredibly intricate skull tat, we immediately think, “Hmm, I wonder what does a skull symbolize to that person?” Are they into Halloween? Are they super dark? Are they featured in the most recent Hollywood rendition of a secret society movie?

What’s their skull deal?!

The skull easily offers a healthy mix of mystique and coolness. It represents hundreds of different things to people, cultures, and religions all across the planet. That diversity makes the skull open to a ton of interpretations, many of which focus on its simple beauty.

Skull Tats for Every Soul

Regardless of the reason that we choose to get inked with a skull tattoo, there is a perfect skeletal design for anyone and everyone!

You may be 100% ready for a permanent addition of some skull ink to your body. That’s awesome!

But, even if you have a fascination with the skull and are only ready for an awesome, original temporary design from something that you can find and design at this tattoo site, skulls are a big win!

What does a skull symbolize to you?

Maybe a skull with wings tattoo is your go-to image to represent a love lost. Maybe a skull heads tattoo is your flavor of inked perfection to show you’re committed to someone for life.

You don’t have to be a member of a biker gang. You don’t have to be pre-picked for the Skull and Bones secret society. You don’t have to be a high priestess for a voodoo cult.

You just have to be daring, fun, and creative.

Skulls are eternal.

If you are ready for your skull tattoo to be an eternal representation of something important to you, then it’s time to get inked!

Find inspiration from a design, artistic creation, or even clothing and accessories that can help you decide which skull with be with you until the end of time. Don’t forget to bookmark our site to never miss our latest posts!

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